Corporate Surveillance

With industry increasingly suffering from losses and unethical staff practices we can offer a variety of solutions to your business problems. Whether it be a covert investigation to solve theft issues or employee absence to lifestyle surveillance of potential / current business partners.

Counter Surveillance

Counter Surveillance is a discreet service employed to pre-empt, identify and mitigate any physical or technical hostile activity against a client themselves, their business or their property.

Technical Surveillance

GPS Vehicle Tracking is a highly useful tool and is frequently used in a wealth of both private and corporate investigations. This can provide both live and historical data of a vehicles movements with a high degree of accuracy.

Covert cameras and listening devices can be fitted discretely to monitor the activity in a specific location.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Sometimes known as “bug sweeping” sophisticated equipment can be deployed in order to detect the presence of any technical surveillance devices whether in a private residence, office or vehicle.

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